Reasons to learn VueJS 

Developers love building web applications using Vue.js, here’s why –

No complex building application required

A critical aspect while developing vue was keeping it simple. It’s not necessary for a building tool to develop projects using VueJS. Even the installation for VueJS is very easy, to begin with. In a matter of time, any developer can clearly understand and produce interactive web interfaces. One can do so by using the HTML script tag. Just include the src tag pointing to the latest development or production version and you are good to go! 

Easy to use a command-line interface

Vue command-line interface gives a plethora of useful supplementary features, including an interactive project initialization wizard (available through the terminal or a web-based UI), a plugin system to maintain generators and configuration for community add-ons, and the capacity to define alternative build targets, like web components or as libraries.

Robust Environment

Vue provides standard support for several inherent add-ons, including vue-router for client-side routing, the vue-devtools browser extension for debugging, vuex for managing state, vue-test-utils for unit testing components, Vue CLI as specified earlier. 

An interactive and ever-growing community 

The Vue forums are a magnificent way to get insight from specialists on complicated issues. Vue conferences are also a great way to reach out to other members of the community and attend more in-depth workshops that are already taking place worldwide. Vue has a distributed, hard-working core unit, who are continually enhancing the framework without over-burdening developers with a bunch of painful upgrades.

The Vue instance

A vue instance invocation is how every Vue application is initialised. It also produces a fully-reactive root component of the application. Vue’s reactivity system is impressive in its simplicity.

Beginner-friendly learning curve

Vue is easy to learn. Developers do not have to go through an ocean of plug-ins and setups to get started with Vue. It’s mostly pretty straightforward. If you’re adept with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you’re raring to go.

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